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Design Goals


Technology Used

Lessons Learned


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"The Gang"

The following is the implementation strategy that we used to complete our project.   We assigned specific tasks for people to be responsible for, although everyone in the group had to come together to help each other out and ultimately get things working.

scrappy-ww.jpg (1931 bytes) Jonathan "Scrappy" Hsieh
  • Group Leader
  • Software and nearly all C code (chess porting, initial LCD, FPGA HC11, profiling, memory minimization, HC11 serial interface code, memory mapped IO)
  • Cosimulation
  • Integration
  • Report/Slide Show compiler
fred-ww.jpg (2424 bytes) Jeffrey Barbieri
  • HCI interface design and implementation
  • Visual Basic master
  • Web Page Designer
daphne-ww.jpg (2624 bytes) Annie Pettengill
  • Wire wrapping
  • Attack function
  • Physical FPGA <=> HC11 debugger
  • Final Report Writer and compiler
scooby-ww.jpg (2226 bytes) Matt Silverstein
  • Eval function
  • Eval debugging through cosimulation
shaggy-ww.jpg (2146 bytes) Jim Hollifield
  • Move generator
  • Wrote top level module for memory mapped I/O
  • Worked on FPGA <=> HC11 communication
  • Managed Excel spreadsheets for Altera, SRAM, and HC11
  • Compiled final presentation


Copyright 1999, Scooby Doo Gang.